Faith Related Q and A
» In a recent answer, you quote Martin Luther lamenting "the fact that Christ acts so weakly in His ministry towards His own...". Did Luther actually write this, or is it perhaps a bad translation? It doesn't sound like the author of "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God." Thank you for your response.
» I would like to speak to a Christian counselor who shares my faith beliefs about some very difficult personal matters. Can you refer me to someone in the Greater Milwaukee, Racine or Kenosha area? I am feeling alienated from my home church and do not know where to turn. Thanks.
» I am interested in the history of the practice of Holy Communion in the WELS I experienced as a child, versus today. When I was young, members who chose not to take Holy Communion would be ushered out, then the service of Holy Communion would begin. When/why did that practice change, to now including it as part of the entire worship service?
» I am aware of WELS congregations applying for and accepting government PPP payments. How can this be viewed as Gospel motivated giving?
» Are there levels of heaven?
» Hello! Did Luther and the creators of the Formula of Concord believe that salvation can be lost? If yes, what are the proofs that show that Luther and the creators of the Formula of Concord believed that salvation can be lost? If not, what are the proofs that show that Luther and the creators of the Formula of Concord did not believe that salvation can be lost?
» Can you define “free will” from a Lutheran standpoint and everything that it entails? Do we have free will truly? And could you give some back up to the idea that it’s the Holy Spirit’s work in us and not our choice to follow God?
» My father was verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive to me. I was the scapegoat and my brother the golden child. Yet, my father faithfully attended Lutheran church, tithed, and volunteered at church to assist the sick/elderly etc. I finally cut off contact 25 years ago to stop the abuse. I basically had no feelings one way or the other toward him, mainly just disappointment. If something had happened to my brother, I would have always done right by my father and helped him with medical care, etc. if necessary because that is the type of person I am. Now he has died and I found out that, in a trust and will he made years before my cutting off contact, he has left everything to my brother, even any and all personal household items. It seems as if his lifetime of abuse and rejection of me is complete. Given this, I wonder if such a person is now in heaven? I know no one is perfect and that one can repent at the last minute etc., but I am truly tormented by this situation.
» Is it wrong to want evil people to suffer in hell? After reading about some extremely horrific sexual atrocities committed against children by Nazis during the Holocaust, I feel so much disgust that I can’t imagine justice for the victims if the souls of the perpetrators are not in hell. I thought I read somewhere in the Bible a passage regarding angels and others rejoicing while seeing sinners in hell, but I’m not sure where it is. Does the feeling of wanting the most evil among us who hurt, abuse, and murder children to suffer in hell make me a bad person and not a Christian?
» As we are reading through Leviticus, why do you think God wanted us to learn about all of their laws at that time? I always have a hard time going through that part of the Bible.