What we Believe


Salem Lutheran Church is a Bible-believing congregation that is convinced that God’s Word is the only basis for teaching the way to eternal life.

We believe:

  • That Jesus Christ is true God with the Father and the Holy Spirit, three persons in one Godhead.
  • That all human beings are born sinners and are not able to gain forgiveness for their sins or eternal life with God on their own.
  • That Jesus Christ came into this world as a human being, died for the sins of all people, and physically rose from the dead. Through this substitutionary work has declared the world forgiven and saved.
  • That only through faith in Jesus do we receive the forgiveness of sins and eternal life that Jesus won for us on the cross.
  • That saving faith is worked in us by God the Holy Spirit, who uses the Word of God to bring us to faith in Jesus and to keep us in that faith.
  • That God’s Word, the Bible, is God’s message for all human beings of all time.
  • That God’s Word not only shows us our sins and our Savior, but also shows believers in Jesus how to live a god-pleasing life.