Faith Related Q and A
» My question is about the object of saving faith. I know it's Jesus, but a lot of Reformed say that it's accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, and accepting as Lord means to submit to Jesus’ commandments, the called Lordship salvation. Maybe I am misinterpreting, but it seems to me that it's not so different to say that salvation is faith plus law keeping, or submit to the Law. I read in Clarke’s commentary on Romans (10:9): “That if thou shalt confess, etc. - Acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Savior. Believe in thy heart that he who died for thy offenses has been raised for thy justification; and depend solely on him for that justification, and thou shalt be saved." Would the confessional Lutherans agree with that definition of the object of faith? If yes, could you give me some biblical proof? Because indeed in Romans 10 Paul says to confess Jesus as Lord.
» Does God ask us all to be disciples?
» My wife and I are members of an ELCA church. She joined this church in 1998 and I joined in 2004. She was raised Lutheran while I was raised Baptist. Neither one of us understood that there were separate factions within Lutheranism and that certain beliefs were different. We have stayed with our congregation because the majority of them are like us- we believe homosexuality is a sin and that abortion is murder. Recently we have hired a pastor that is very liberal and is pushing his views on the congregation. The two of us have discussed in length that it is past time for us to find a church that is more in line with our views. The research I have done shows that a WELS congregation would most likely be a better fit for us. My question is how welcome would we be in a WELS congregation if we decide to become members? Will the congregation judge us for being members of an ELCA church? This is very important to me because I have not felt God's presence during worship for a long time and am about to stop going to church altogether.
» Does the Bible tell us (and, if so, where?) that it is wrong to marry a sibling and/or cousin? Obviously, it was permissible (and necessary) for Seth and his siblings to marry each other. Was it still OK by Abraham's time for him to marry his half-sister? What about Jacob marrying his first cousin(s)?
» How do I build faith and trust in God, rely on Him and not be afraid?
» Is there a WELS church in New York, NY - preferably a small church, with a Chinese influence? May God continue to bless your work. I remember you starting out in my church in Milwaukee. God Bless.
» Matthew 18:20 states that God is with us where two or three gather in his name. I thought God was everywhere...especially when we are alone.
» Hello, recently I have been struggling with my Lutheran beliefs and I am now thinking about converting to the Roman Catholic Church. The main problem I have is Sola Scriptura. Can you please show me where in the Bible it teaches Sola Scriptura? The verses that trouble me are 2 Thessalonians 2:15, 1 Timothy 3:15, 1 Corinthians 11:2, and 2 Timothy 2:14. Please help with this.
» Is the Crossroads Consulting Ministry part of the WELS?
» Are souls of deceased believers in heaven now? If so, wouldn't that mean their judgement day was when they died instead of when God comes back to judge the living and the dead?