Faith Related Q and A
» Why don’t Lutherans make the sign of the cross like Catholics do? I know Lutheran pastors start services by making the sign of the cross but why doesn’t the congregation do it?
» Where do our souls go at the time of death?
» Have you heard of a guy named Tovia Singer? He is a Jew that is totally against Jesus. He is well versed in the Bible and says worshiping Jesus is idolatry. He has really made me question Jesus as God's Son and his knowledge of the original Hebrew text and how the so-called prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament are not talking about Jesus at all, like the Isaiah prophecy was talking about Hezekiah. Is Jesus idol worship? Was he made up by the Greeks? This is destroying my Christian faith.
» During the recent emergency (Coronavirus), can a WELS husband and a WELS wife give each other Communion at home?
» During this COVID-19 period of isolation/shelter-in-place, could you please take us back to our Catechism instruction days and refresh us on (1) why for good order we ask our pastors to distribute Holy Communion as well as (2) who may do so in good conscience, especially in special circumstances like quarantine. I think it would be a timely topic for those craving the blessings of Lord's Supper while our churches cannot physically meet. Thank you.
» How do Lutherans view the Virgin Mary compared to Catholics? Do they still honor her and love her?
» What does the Bible say about disease? Did God create the coronavirus or does he allow it to happen for His own purposes?
» What does God's word say about getting married at another location that is not inside the church?
» For those of us who are not tech savvy, how are we supposed to participate in worship? Many older people do not know how to access live streaming.
» What does the Bible have to say about hypnotism?