Faith Related Q and A
» My wife is looking at working in a capacity that would promote a casino/resort. Initially, I thought it could be fine. The Bible does not explicitly forbid gambling. (That does not make it right, however.) The casino is one part of the resort's activities. One could run into a similar problem promoting a hospital that performs abortions (but "abortions" are not what one thinks when they hear the word "hospital," whereas when one hears "casino" they think "gambling") or owning a liquor store. What are your thoughts on such a situation? I understand that if one has doubts, one should not go against their conscience. That is another little wrinkle. My wife doesn't really have doubts, citing biblical examples of people who worked within sinful organizations, such as Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach and Abedego, etc. I'm the one trying to clear my doubts. I've also consulted my pastor, but I am looking for further input. Thanks.
» There is a community program that helps with homeless families in the area. They are sponsored/supported by many local churches. Is it wrong to also support this work that is not affiliated directly a specific church, but supported by many churches and the community at large? Thanks.
» May an LCMS member take Communion at a WELS church after professing their faith to the pastor, and vice-versa?
» Is wearing of a clerical collar becoming more acceptable? I hope so. I never had a WELS pastor yet that wouldn't be fit to wear one. I have loved all my WELS pastors - best pastors on the planet. And my pastor came to church wearing one for the first time. He said it gives him more opportunity to talk about Jesus to strangers.
» Has WELS always believed in "free will" in the works of this life? I grew up WELS and I thought I distinctly remembered that WELS did not believe in free will. I see the website says: Human beings have a free will in works of this life. But only the Holy Spirit, working through God’s Word, can lead a person to love God. So now I'm confused. Maybe I have just misunderstood the secret of my life's choices the last 55 years?
» When someone takes their own life for various reasons, do they have a chance to go to heaven if they have always believed in Jesus Christ?
» Is a non-WELS person (another Lutheran synod, Catholic, Baptist, etc.) permitted to solo during the funeral service of a WELS member in a WELS church?
» I apologize if this question has been asked once before. I have a co-worker who is a devout Muslim and attends his Mosque regularly to pray. Sometimes we get into religious discussions, but the language barrier is very thick. He says that Allah is the same as the God of Moses and Abraham and that Jesus and Muhammad are the same, but I don't believe this. My question is, how do I go about sharing the message of Jesus Christ with him? I don't know enough about the Islamic faith to point out the differences to him. Thank you!
» If we lived in a perfect world, would accidents still occur?
» When there are differing views over something like baptism by very scholarly theologians, how can the lay person know which interpretation is correct? Thank you.