Faith Related Q and A
» What does it means in 1 Corinthians 11:7 that woman is the image or glory of man?
» I am attempting to ease back into my (unwillingly) interrupted education via the Hillsdale online courses. Are you familiar with these, and, if so, are you aware of anything specific for which one needs to watch out? Given that it was founded by Baptists, its theological lectures I am approaching with caution, and will be referring back to WELS doctrine through such resources as the WLS Essay Files, to counteract the influence of false teaching. I would skip them altogether but for the fact that some of its alumni are amongst those influencing national life, and it is useful to know why they think what they think. But its theology understandably permeates its other courses, and there its influence is more difficult to detect. A liberal alternative, assuming one existed, would not suit my purposes. I wouldn't trust its accuracy, for one thing, and, last I looked, neither the WELS nor the ELS offer anything comparable. Any advice you can give me would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
» Recently, I asked a question and received my answer. Thank you. However, I have another concern about something I ran into this summer. My wife and I went to the creation/ark museums in Kentucky. The experience was great and revealing. My concern is what can you tell me about Ken Ham and the creation/ark museums as they relate to God's word and our doctrine? My concern is that the entire presentation seems to be law oriented with Christ sprinkled throughout. Your servant in Christ.
» A friend recently told me how, just before she would have gotten into an auto accident, she heard the voice of her mother, who had died some years before, telling her, "(Name), stop!!" I told her that this could have been a guardian angel sent by God to keep her safe, using the remembered voice of her mother. When an angel told Joseph that Mary would be the mother of our Lord, we can only speculate what form or voice the angel used. If a person near death reports having actual communication with a departed loved one, could we suggest another possibility, that this could have been a vision of an angel - if whatever "message" was given didn't in any way contradict any truth of God?
» I hear a lot of talk about this so called "gift of singleness." Does such a gift exist? Does God choose if we can marry or do we choose? And if someone does have this gift and still decides to marry, is it a sin?
» Why did Christ reply to the rich man that He is no good, when we Christians believe He has never sinned?
» How many ways does WELS reach beyond the synod to lend support and aid to people in need throughout the world?
» I recently ran across two gentlemen named Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron who are affiliated with Living Waters Church. I have listened to several of their YouTube videos and they seem to present law and gospel properly but, being a skeptical Lutheran, I have my doubts about their presentations. I know that there are Christians in other churches other than the WELS, but I am looking for some clarity in my thinking and belief. What can you tell me about these men or their organization? Thank you for your consideration. Your brother in Christ.
» Why in Genesis 22 does God refer to Isaac as Abraham's only son if Abraham already had Ishmael?
» When did Satan sin against God?