Faith Related Q and A
» What is the role of women in the WELS?
» Hello. I have been dealing with a terminal illness with no more help from doctors. I do believe that God has healing for me and I want His will to be done in my life. I guess my question is, and a part of me feels bad saying this, but is it a sin to want to die so I can go home to be with Him and Jesus? I am tired of the suffering and pain that it is causing me and my family. I am scared to die, but I know there is a better place for me in heaven, free from all this, and I get to be with Jesus. Thank you.
» Is there a WELS stance on garage or rummage sales? As a young adult, while moving from LCMS to WELS, I was led to believe that church members are responsible for supporting the local congregation. Still learning!
» Why did Jesus have to suffer such an horrendous death to forgive us our sins if it was he who forgave us our sins to begin with, assuming he is God? Why didn’t he just forgive us?
» What are the differences between the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod? And, as a follow-up, is it true that Lutherans from different synods cannot take Communion in a Wisconsin Synod church?
» Is it the will of God that the Jews would reject Jesus Christ in order for the gentiles to have salvation? Will the Jews go to hell for rejecting Christ?
» Hi, long time believer, first-time writer. I am dating a gentleman, and things are looking towards marriage. It's great, but he is Baptist. He is in line with most of WELS doctrine minus the baptism. As a couple, this has come up on what to do with the children, and we came to an agreement that the children would be raised Lutheran until 18. However, I wasn't going to force him to convert and he is OK coming to a Lutheran church. He wouldn't be able to take Communion, and he understands that. My question is: would a WELS pastor be willing to marry us given the circumstances, or will they reject it outright because he is a different denomination of Christian?
» What is "heaven"?
» I have noticed that some Catholic families utilize a "holy water font" (i.e. a hanging vessel on the wall near the front door containing holy water to bless oneself with upon entering the home) in their homes. I am wondering if this is something Martin Luther did, and if the current leadership of the WELS church has any opinions about it. The concept of it seems appealing to me but I also don't want to be taking part in anything that is not biblical. I'd like some direction on this; thank you!
» In one of the creeds I remember saying in school and church that Jesus, after he died, descended into hell. Could you please reference some Bible verses so I can understand this better?