Faith Related Q and A
» Since there is no perfect church on earth or a church that can be 100% accurate this side of heaven, what would be areas of doctrine or teachings that WELS might possibly be wrong on?
» Is the Shroud of Turin authentic? It seems very contested and disputed.
» With Matthew 5:28 in mind, is it a sin to lust sexually after your spouse (if you are married)?
» I have been reading through the Psalms and noticed that in the NIV2011, the word Selah is removed from the text and is now just a footnote. The word Selah was part of the text in the NIV1984 and many other Bible translations and is part of the Hebrew text. I have always been taught that God's word should never be changed. Why is the word Selah removed in the NIV2011?
» How many people in the WELS read the King James Version of the Bible?
» Why does the Book of Concord quote from the church fathers? I have always been told that the church fathers are Roman Catholic.
» At what point in history did the Church need a reformation? I have heard people say that the Church needed a reformation as early as the 2nd century because it had become Roman Catholic in its teaching. I have heard others say that the Church did not need a reformation until the 16th century, and these people support reading books such as The Imitation of Christ that are generally considered Roman Catholic. I have even seen some Lutheran Franciscans! At what point did the Church become corrupt and need to be reformed?
» I have not seen many people in the WELS bring their Bibles with them to church. Does the WELS encourage people to bring their Bibles with them to church?
» There is a trend in the LCMS towards "confessionalism," which promotes a high view of the Book of Concord (which is nothing new) and elaborate ceremonialism while denigrating contemporary worship. It's also fashionable to ridicule the term "Protestant," downplaying evangelism in favor of an inward focus on liturgy, and an embarrassed silence on the topic of "the priesthood of all believers." Churches that don't have Communion every Sunday, or embrace chasubles and genuflection, or aspire to purchase a censer are perceived as backwards, misguided, and "Reformed." Recent blog articles even question whether it is necessary to be "distinctively Lutheran" at all. Is the WELS drifting in this direction as well?
» What book is placed on the altar in WELS churches?