Faith Related Q and A
» I recently applied to a Presbyterian college because it has an excellent nursing program. Being a WELS Lutheran, is it wrong to affiliate with them? I wouldn't conform to their beliefs but just go for the program.
» I'm interested in further understanding the Nicene creed phrase "For us and for our salvation." It seems quite evident that Christ came down to earth "for our salvation," but what does "for us" refer to?
» I am 23 years old and are trying to find a significant other. I have been praying on and off for the last 4 years to God to send someone my way and bless me with a relationship. In an ideal world she would be WELS or ELS. In time I've grown slightly weary. How do I know when or who it would be? What do I do?
» When the topic of money comes up, it seems we are very quick to reference the parable of the rich fool. However, this question is focused on the opposite side – not preparing for the future. On average, the typical American actually has very little saved for their later years. Long-term care is very expensive. From the perspective of assisted living, nursing homes, memory care, etc., one could hardly have too much saved. Is it sinful or irresponsible for people to say, “I’m not going to worry about it”? “I’ll let my kids or the government deal with it”? “Nursing home insurance is too expensive, so I won’t bother or worry about it. I’ll just go on Medicaid.” Many have a very cavalier attitude about the whole subject until it actually becomes a crisis. For Christians, what is the right approach?
» I married a woman a couple years ago who has two children from her prior marriage, 8 and 10 years old. Her children have never had any kind of education with God. I was born and raised WELS with the benefit of a WELS private school up through 8th grade. Although my wife is uncomfortable going to my church because of a troubled Roman Catholic upbringing, she is on board with us educating our children at home. And one of the kids even comes with me sometimes to church because he is interested. We take a few minutes to do children's Bible devotions and such, which is going OK so far. My question is this. I'm no teacher, and I don't have access to a WELS school for them. I've looked and researched for some sort of curriculum to aid in what stories we do first from the Bible, or to just have some sort of structure or plan. I get overwhelmed with all the different stuff out there. Compared to the Christian upbringing I had, I feel like I'm not doing nearly enough for our children. I feel like I'm in over my head. Can you recommend any resources to help give me some sort of structure to teaching them? Do you have any recommendations on what kinds of stories to focus more on or what order I should go in? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
» I have non-denominational extended family who believe Romans 13:1 tells us God “chooses” who wins elections. Is it correct to assume “established” implies “chosen”? I’ve always thought God is foreknowing, and allows those elected to lead, but the election of leaders was a freedom he gives people.
» If I feel uncomfortable being around other church members who are not wearing masks (this includes the pastors), is it okay for me to avoid them? This would include me taking my daughter out of Catechism class because we both feel very unsafe and we do not want to offend others. Catechism started off with everyone wearing masks and now no one is wearing a mask except us.
» I've read that Scripture indicates we will know our loved ones in heaven. This is a great comfort to me. Then I read where someone said they saw verses that indicated we will not know our loved ones in heaven. Do you know what verses they could be referring to?
» Hello! I tend to be more introverted and find being in large spaces with people I do not know to be not pleasant. While in a congregation I do have a common faith to connect with others, I tend to enjoy the digital classes and personal studies more fulfilling. Some days though, I am very comfortable with going alone. Is it OK to do virtual/personal studies and attend on the days when I feel comfortable to be in public?
» Is there a WELS Native American school in Arizona or at any school out West?